Tell him to stop before it's to late


"My pussy's been tight for a year now stop!!" You didn't even expect that to come out, but sex was just too far. The gardener was taken back and walked the other way. "I'm sorry now i dian't me so." "Well, you did and, you don't want to go to jail do you now, and lose your job." "No ma'am!"

"Good, now i've got an errand you can run for me." You open up your legs as he dives forward, but you close your legs, holding him by your feet

You were being very dominant, you had him in a leash. "Now, now.. You could get this reward." You wiggle your feet. "If... If you meet my requests." He nods his head compliantly

Get him to lick you feet and legs

Get him to give you a massage

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