Stay silent, let him continue


The rush was too much to ignore, you had to have more. "You like that don't ya little baby!"

You can't help but feel a rush of pleasure, as his hands circle your clit. It tingles your pussy, putting suggestive thoughts into your mind.

Your pussy starts to become wet. You feel your clit tingle, spark you, your pussy throbs and your body pulsates. You can only think about him now. You love this thrill of weather your family will walk in here, what will they do. The thrill invigorates your mind, pulsating once more.

He notices your feet tingle and your nipples harden, he grows horny and begins to breathe faster, while holding a dirty grin on him. He puts a finger through your pussy, but the layers of juices and flesh stop the caterpillar. It squirms for room, but this on this occasion he is not allowed through.

You clench your fists, and curl your toes in pain- if he was not so stupid he would have noticed by now that you were awake.

He pulls his finger out and begins to bite his teeth. He grabs your legs, pulls you to the end of the bed. He pushes your feet in the air, spreads them apart and spits on your pussy. "Stupid girl won't let daddy in!" He unzips his trousers " I'll break your stupid doors down." He pulls out his cock- 3 inches wide, 7 inches down.

It's rock hard, and it looks formidable compared to your pussy. Could you even take it, should you?

Tell him to stop before it's to late

You've gotten this far, go all the way

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