Solar Fountains


Solar water fountains offer all the beauty and elegance of any other type of fountain, yet running them costs so much less.

Here are some tips for fountain operation and care:

   * Battery - in order for the fountain to run at night, a battery will be required.

(Most solar fountains do not come with one and, as a result, only run while the sun is shining.)

   * Solar panels - if the pump is not running at its full capacity, ensure that the solar panel is positioned to receive the most sunlight throughout the day.
   * Fluctuations - be aware that the fountain will likely provide different intensities of water movement throughout the day, depending on the strength of the sun�s rays.
   * Placement - if the solar panel is separate from the fountain, then the fountain may be placed in any location as long as the panel remains in the sun.

Solar birdbath fountains allow a uniqueness to your solar landscape.

With the solar panel included, these fountains run on pure solar energy with no need for electricity.

You will have a beautiful solar fountain and a bird bath for your feathered friends.

Birds are attracted to the sounds of splashing water, and a two-inch bathing depth provides room for them to frolic. This bowl holds about one gallon of water.

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