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Canonical Report Format

The purpose of a canonical report is to convey information in the most clear, consice and significant way. This writing style is very different from the academic styles many students are familiar with. Canonical writing is more representative of writing in the engineering industry. Bulleted lists and brief sentences are encouraged. The two types of reports in 416 are the specfication report and the final report. Both are written in the canonical form, but differ in their purpose and results. The form below summarizes a lecture from Dr. Chuck (Feb. 6, 2007) outlining the proper format of a canonical report.

Title page

Executive summary

• boiler plate (1 paragraph)
• where you've been
• where you're at
• where your going (1 paragraph for all 3)


• all background
• pictures
• lead in

Results and Discussion

• editorialize your results
• list key specs
• rationalize opinions
• use bulleted lists


• next steps

Gantt Chart

List drawing and sketches

Reference (if you need)

You can specify different output formats for reports.

Report Format

•HTML:The report will be generated in HTML format suitable for displaying in a web browser
•Excel:The report will be generated in an ".xls" file which can be opened by a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel
•Text:The report will be generated in text file which can be opened by a text editor, such as Microsoft Word
•PDF:The report will be generated in Printable Document Format which can be opened by a Adobe Systems
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