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Making Purchases and Purchase Request Forms

To buy any parts or materials to use in ME 416 you will have to fill out a purchase request form, that is, if you wanna be reimbursed. Purchase Request forms are found here [[1]]. It's a PDF file and can be typed in (but not saved unless you are using Adobe Acrobat, not just the reader). Once it's filled out just print it, have Dr. Chuck sign it, and turn it in to the ME office.

Although it says you must make a purchase request over $15, most of the time they will let you fill out one for under that. If that is disallowed, remember it is always a good idea to have replacements (especially if the parts are <$15).

In the "requested by" field, make sure you put the name of the group member who is responsible for ordering and picking up the equipment. Also, make sure the contact information (i.e. phone number and e-mail address) is up to date for that same person. Troubles can occur when contact information is not up to date, or when the "requested by" field is Dr. Chuck or the name of your project group instead of the person responsible, since they will not know exactly who it is supposed to go to.

To make life easier for everyone please actually do the follow-up questions at the bottom of the form. If there is online ordering available include that information as well. If you fill out the form well there will be no issues. If you're careless the form will be returned to you and there will be delays in getting whatever equipment you were trying to purchase.

A more summarized version of this procedure detailed below:

1. You must first find out the materials you want to purchase.

2. Find out which stores have your materials and which are the cheapest.

3. Fill out online form and submit the form to the MME office in Sloan 201.

4. The office will have to make a new legitimate copy from WSU. This will take about 1 day to complete.

5. Once you obtain the purchase request form, if the items are to be purchased locally it can be taken to the store and all of the items can be purchased.


You are done!

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