Help:Creating a private wiki


Different people want to set up wikis for different purposes. Wikipedia embraces an open door policy where anyone can view, edit and create articles, but you may desire more privacy for your wiki. EditThis gives you the power to determine, in certain ways, your wiki's privacy level.

Note: There is an important distinction between privacy and security. EditThis does not guarantee that information will remain private or secure, so the security of information you post is your own responsibility.

Privacy settings

After you have created your wiki, you can set your wiki's privacy settings:

  1. Log in as Admin (or under another user ID with Sysop rights).
  2. In the toolbox in the left-hand sidebar, click "Control Panel."
  3. Set up general user rights.
    • You can determine whether unregistered users can read or edit articles or create their own accounts.
    • You can determine how much power logged-in users have to read and edit.
  4. Click "Save" to save the new settings.

Creating user accounts

If you decide unregistered users cannot create accounts, you (or possibly anyone with sysop privileges, or maybe anyone who already has an account) will have to create accounts for new users and distribute the passwords to the accountholders. Only then will they have the power to log in, change their own passwords, and use your wiki.

To create an account for another user:

  1. Log in to your wiki.
  2. In the toolbox in the left-hand sidebar, click "Special pages."
  3. In the list of special pages, click "Create an account or log in."
  4. Enter the new user's name and create a password.
  5. Click "Create new account."

You will then be logged in to your wiki under the new account name. You can log out or return to your own User ID at your convenience. You must give the new user all of the following:

  • The link to the wiki
  • The username you created
  • The password you created

This will allow the new user to connect to your wiki and log in, after which he may change his password as he desires.

Note that a new user cannot change his own username, so you may wish to solicit new users for their desired usernames before you create accounts for them, as you deem appropriate.

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