Group Member Roles



The following member roles are important and one person should be assigned to each. However, it is also very important that every group member takes part in all aspects of the project. Assigning and sticking to these member roles is very important when it comes time to write the final report and final presentation, so pick your role and stick to it. If one role is not assigned because it seems unimportant you will be scrambling at the end of the semester to get everything done.

  • All Members
    • Responsible for logging their individual hours devoted to the project. This can be done on BaseCamp under the project and the tab labeled "Time"
    • Responsible for contributing to the Wiki
    • Responsible for getting the project done. "Get it done!"
  • Coordinator
    • Lays out specific tasks (research, division of reports, etc.)
    • Keeps group members on task
    • Contact possible vendors
    • Delegate tasks as well
  • Librarian/Historian
    • Compiles all information received from customer or other research
    • Helpful information to keep track includes: parts purchased and all details that go with that (manufacturer, cost, quantity, etc.), part specs for easy transition to shop and build,
    • Keeps track of timeline
    • Organize all information in a notebook (Engineering Computer Labs do not have staplers or hole-punches)
    • Basecamp organizer (web master)
    • Log conference call minutes
  • Liaison
    • It is important that the customer has one person to contact
    • Communicates between group members and customer/sponsor
    • No redundant information
    • Responsible for all information going to the customer
    • Relay customer concerns and any conversations with the customer back to their group members
    • This person should be the one that is the main one talking during the conference calls.
  • Researcher
    • Performed by each member of the group
    • Specific research tasks should be specified by the coordinator to avoid redundant research
    • Preliminary calculations and CAD drawings are done during this research
    • Things to research can range anywhere from concepts to best prices
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