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What is this about?

On March 12th, 2007 there was an entry on the Constant Sun Blog. It read:

Share the sense

I just added a new feature today where you can enter in your google adsense code into the control panel, and 50% of the time ads will come up that you will get paid for.

This page is about clarifying what this means.

And on all pages it reads: New feature: If you have a google adsense account you can now enter your account code in the control panel which will be used on 50% of all page loads

How can one add google adsense code / example


How is the revenue distributed?

This is up to Google. And google does it thus: ... ... ...

Further questions?

average per click income for very small pages?

I get just some 20 page views (of the Main_Page) per day. I guess I won't get more than one click on ads a day from that, probably much, much less. What does one get per click on such a small page? Any experience so I can figure whether it's worth taking the time to create the AdSense account and decide how the money is distributed afterwards. thanks 17:13, 13 March 2007 (EST)


Enable Mediapartners-Google in Robots.txt?

Hi, in my wiki all the adsense ads only seem to be for wiki and printing related software, and not for the content in my wiki. On looking at the robots.txt file of, it seems that the Adsense Crawler - Mediapartners-Google is not allowed to crawl this site. As a result, I think that it isn't able to display ads relevant to the page. This will result in reduced ad revenue. Seems that the robots.txt file is picked up from wikipedia [:)]. Can Rob enable Mediapartners-Google to crawl in Robots.txt? Are other wiki owners facing the same issue? Or is there another solution which I am not aware of?

Comment by RobKohr

The share the sense thing is something I set up to satisfy some wiki owners who bring a lot of traffic to this site and would like to make some money off of their own ads. To set it up you just go to the control panel and enter in your ad client ID.

Now this isn't for most wiki owners, just for those that receive a lot of traffic. recieves on average $0.29 per 1000 page views. Splitting it in half is about 15 cents per 1000 page views. So if you have a wiki that gets about 3000 page views a day, that is about 45 cents per day. The top ten wikis range from 3,751 page views to 631 page views per day.

Keep in mind these are all based on averages, and not all page views are equal. Some are worth considerably more based upon content and what ads are related to that content.

Rob Kohr

What is an Ad client ID? How do I know which is mines?


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