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This is not a place to ask questions, but if you have questions that you know the answers to, post them here.

EditThis.info Help System
Primary help resource with information about using MediaWiki and the EditThis system.
Questions and answers about using MediaWiki and the EditThis system.
Frequently asked questions about creating and using EditThis wikis.

  • Can we insert our own text ads on top of pages without removing editthis ads?
    • No, Google's TOS prohibits other ad systems along with their ads.
  • In the userlist, it lists a user called: RobKohr (Bureaucrat, sysop). Who is this? I didn't give him that rank.
    • RobKohr is the owner and creator of EditThis.Info. He is automatically listed as one of the users of your Wiki so he can easily resolve any issues on that wiki.
  • How can I create new categories?
    • Just add [[Category:Your new category]] to article, replacing "Your new category" with the desired category name.
  • What does the "Special:CheckUser" page do?
    • It shows you an user account's IP address or an IP address' user account, but it doesn't always work. A better tool is the one on the Control Panel of your Wiki.
  • Where to go to find out about downtime, new features, and other related information
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