Customer Defined



It is important to know who exactly your customer is during a project. For ME416, the customer is your project sponsor. Understanding your sponsor allows you to make better judgments about what is important to them in the design.

In some cases your sponsor could be really hands on, if so they are trying out ideas mentioned in a conference call and tell you the results in a later call. If you have this type of sponsor be sure to listen to their advice as it could save you time later. In other cases your sponsor could be the type to offer minimal assistance and just wait for your results. Regardless of what type of sponsor you have remember, the customer’s satisfaction with your design will ultimately be greater when you prioritize according to their needs.

After you have left the University and have entered the workforce, the customer could be at least one of many groups such as, the marketing department, your manager, or the CEO/CFO/CEE. In many cases the customer is all of the above, and the QFD process helps keep awareness of this throughout the design of a product.

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