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A red beam 07:28 your digital clock says. you've woken up to a double bed, a large room with sofas, T.V's, a computer and a storage room, with closets, cupboards and drawers.

You stand above it all and waltz over to your body-sized mirror and twirl around to see your body. You are in tightly laced black-panties tightening around your ass, and black silk bra with a bowtie in the middle pushing your rack up.

You turn your back to see your ass jiggle. You jump up and down to hear it clap, and again until you start clapping it. With your hands you hit it to see how it hurts, and it does very nicely.

You smile and brush your hands through your hair to see its authenticity. You walk around the room trying to scavenge for anything interesting when you hear someone about to walk into your room

What do you do:

Stand there and let them in

Pretend to be asleep

Ignore them and get changed

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