Buying a Car



The agent's got your balls in a vise, he's offering you ten percent and no bonus! What do you do?


Name that movie!

But seriously...

Tips for Negotiation

  • Buy near the end of the month since the salesmen have to fill their quotas
This will not work for HOT sports cars
  • Do your homework
  • Learn the invoice, know as much about the car as possible before you walk onto the lot
  • Waste as much of the dealer's time as possible, so the dealer will become invested in you
  • Have your finances lined up. You need to be able to drive the car off the lot that day
  • Bring a friend - again, you want to waste as much time as possible so they are desparate to make the sale
  • Discuss all of the little options first - it gives you leverage for the final price
  • When the time comes to make an offer for the car, offer the invoice price
  • NEVER pay more than $500 over invoice
  • When it comes time to discuss financing options - listen to their options - even though you are already set
  • Bring a car to "trade in" and negotaite for a trade in price
  • When it comes time to seal the deal, AFTER they've already written the price on the paper, turn down their financing, withdraw your trade-in and pay with cash. This takes away all of their methods for screwing you over.
Using Craigslist to find the car you want

Craiglist is an awesome resource but can be a pain since you can only search one area at a time. If you want to search the entire database go to and do your search. You will get way more results but they may not be local so you better be ready for a road trip.

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