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Base Camp is a wonderful tool for communicating with both your team members and your project sponsor. This site allows you to post files relevant to your project hence making them availiable for revision by your groupmates, and review by your project sponsors. This web site also organizes communication both inside the group, and with your project sponsor. At the main page you will find a list of "Your Projects" on the right hand side of the screen. There are also four main categories of information.


Global vs Specific Project

When you first log into Basecamp, you are logged into a global dashboard. Make sure you have entered into the specific group project before you begin work. It will not do you any good to have entered into a group project other than your own.


Lets you view the recent activity and a calender of upcoming events for each of your projects. This is very helpful because it allows you to quickly see things that have recently been changed. Any new messages or files posted will be displayed on the Dashboard. The dashboard also displays current and upcoming milestones. This feature caters to Dr. Chuck's '3 week rule'. For those of who missed Dr. Chuck speak of this it basically goes as follows: have what you and your group are going to do planned out at least 3 weeks ahead of time so that you stay on task and are all on the same page. This has been proven to work over the years, and this is why me 416 has the epic legacy of GETTING PROJECTS DONE. Using Dr. Chuck's 3 week rule in conjunction with dashboard almost assures the most efficient semester possible.


Create lists and assign tasks to individual group members. This allows groups to delegate the work load, and plan your progress. Equal work loads allow for better group efficiency.


Milestones should be used for any major deadlines your group may have. Milestones can also be linked to either group members who are responsible, or to To-Do list items.


It is important to log your time because it keeps group members accountable for their share of project responsibilities.


This shows the people that are affiliated with basecamp. It includes all of the basic contact information for each person as well as a picture of the person. When you are logged into your specific project, contact information of the sponser will be shown as well.

If you select a specific project the following tabs are made available:

  • Overview
  • Messages
  • Writeboards
  • Files


    Lets you view the recent activity and upcoming events for the specific project.


    Students can post messages and group members are notified via e-mail. The message page also lists the messages in chronological order. Categories can be created for organization and it is a useful way of keeping all parties updated on the details of the project. Messages work well for communicating with group members in between classes, with Dr. Chuck when he's out of the country, and your project sponsor at any time. Message boards are especially useful in that it allows for all members to see conversations that would otherwise be inaccessible through personal emails and messages. The message board also allows the creation of public and private information. Some information should be kept private, such as the day to day internal conversations, or arguments. More important information such as progress reports, specification reports, and weekly updates should be made public.


    Allows you to create and collaboratively edit documents online. It also eliminates the hassle of uploading files and keeping track of older versions of the same file. When a file is changed the newest version is posted as the main version, however the older versions are also displayed below. Writeboards are also useful for diplaying project recources. A writeboard can be created to display web sites and vendors relevant to your project.


    Upload files created with any program. This allows you to access the files from any computer. This should not be used for document revision, that is the purpose of the Writeboards. A very important item to note is the 'Private' check box. The private checkbox should be checked when information is only to be seen by your group members and Dr. Chuck. (ex. Driving directions and group small talk shouldn’t be posted to the lead engineer).

    When Posting a revision to a file be sure to update the previous submission instead of loading a new seperate file. Also, label your files with vx, where x is the most recent version of the file.

    When posting a file on Base Camp, be sure to open the file to make sure it was posted correctly.

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