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Harry Tipper

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Harry Tipper
Unlocked by Default
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy 9
Agility TS2:6
Stamina 5
Fire Proof 5
Shock Proof 5
Default AI TS2: 4 stars
TSFP: 3 stars
Native TimeZone 1969-1972
First Appearance TS1 Story Mode
Relations Kitten Celeste(Girlfriend)
Games All
TS1 Gesture Takes a comb out of his gun holster and combs his hair back while saying "Oh yeah... that's right!" TSFP Gesture Does a '70s style boogie dance and says "Right on! Let's go man! We gotta boogie!"
TS2 Gallery The crime busting skills of ex-New York vice cop Harry Tipper are now employed in the fight against international supervillians. This time he's got a licence to chill - nice tux Harry! TSFP Gallery Very Special Agent Tipper. Licensed to chill and the grooviest cat in town.

Harry Tipper is one of the few characters of the TimeSplitters series who has reprised his role in all three games. In TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect he attempts to foil the evil plans of his arch-nemesis, Khallos.



"The name's Tipper man...Harry Tipper."
- Harry Tipper

Very little about Harry Tipper's backstory has been revealed, but we can assume that he may have been born into a wealthy family. It is unknown if he has any personal motivations for being a detective or his reasons for becoming a spy. He is the joint owner of the Disco known as "The Big Tipper", and always has a wide selection of clothing, both male and female, at hand.

The Russian Connection 1969

Chronologically, the first time we see Harry Tipper is in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. When Cortez meets him, he is spying on Khallos, who is angry at Tipper for ruining his plans for world domination and kidnapped Harry's girlfriend, Kitten Celeste. Cortez and Tipper team up and sneak through the defences manage to past several of Khallos's Henchmen. Harry decides to take the pipes and rendezvous with Cortez under the water tower. To get pass the security cameras at the front gate Harry goes to the barracks and steals some uniforms wear. Unfortunately, none of the Henchman uniforms fit Harry and he has to wear a Henchwoman's uniform. Posing as guards while wearing guard uniforms, the duo restart the power inside the base and fight their way to the sub-levels. They are separated when Harry has to rescue some hostages, but both manage to board the Khallos Express and continue their hunt for Khallos.

The Khallos Express 1969

"(Walking on top of a speeding train) Woo-hoo! This is the most fun I've had with another guy! "
- Harry Tipper

Tipper helps Cortez board the train and the two then travel from car to car searching for Khallos, in the hope of preventing the launch of his "French Missile", a nuclear weapon he is planning to use to start World War 3. They battle two attack helicopters and deactivate the missile just before engaging Khallos himself. The two then eventually stop the train just before it runs over Kitten Celeste, Tipper's girlfriend. Harry asks Cortez if wants to go to a party but Cortez declines, deciding instead to head to his next time period.

Chinese Restaurant 1970

In TimeSplitters, Tipper is not acting as a secret agent, but rather as a police officer, suggesting that something happened that caused a temporary demotion, or at least having a request to do a less proffesional job. In his next mission, Detective Tipper raids a Chinese restaurant that is a front for a criminal ring that includes Mr. Big. He then proceeds to gather the gang's files, and escapes. His police partner is Lt. Christine Malone, and though Tipper is in a relationship with Kitten Celeste both before and after this mission, it appears that he and Malone had some kind of romance as well.

Atom Smasher 1972

When we next see Tipper, it is two years later and he is once again acting as a secret agent, or so it would appear. Captured by Khallos, he manages to free himself from his prison, saves himself from an almost certain death, and deactivates various explosives around the Atomsmasher base before ensuring that Khallos meets his final demise once and for all. He is aided once more by his girfriend, Kitten Celeste, and the two of them escape together while Khallos' plans for world domination are stopped for one, final time.

You Genius, U-Genix 2052

"(At the end of You Genius, U-Genix when Cortez shouts "DAMN IT") Space Man?"
- Harry Tipper

Tipper also makes an appearance in the ending cutscene of the "You Genius, U-Genix" level. Whether it is in 2052, by which time Tipper would be getting on or older than 100, or if Cortez's cry can be heard in Tipper's own time in the 1960's or 1970's. The latter is more likely, because Tipper doesn't look that old, and neither did Kitten Celeste, who he was canoodling with at the time.


TS1: 30yd5.jpg

TS2: 015harrytipper1tg5.jpg



  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- In the mission "The Khallos Express", Harry Tipper throws a henchman off the train and says, "No ticket."
  • The Harry Tipper part of the Story Mode features elements from various spy films. Some elements include Tipper's arch-nemesis, Khallos, who is a suitably generic-looking villain, and the ridiculous uniforms which may be a partial reference to the Austin Powers series of films.
  • James Bond series- When we first see Khallos, he is petting a cat, a reference to the recurring Bond Villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Also, three of the engines in the level "You Take the High Road" are named "Manticore", "Volante" and "Liparus". These are the names of boats in the James Bond movies.
  • The game implies that "The Russian Connection" and "The Khallos Express" take place after the "Atomsmasher" level in TS2. However, those levels take place in 1969, which is three years before "Atomsmasher", which takes place in 1972. The character profiles in both games as well as the inclusion of henchwomen,(which were not in the Atomsmasher level) suggest that "Atomsmasher" came first (though Khallos could have fired the henchwomen), but the fact that Khallos is killed in TimeSplitters 2 seems to suggest that "Atomsmasher" came second (though he may have survived). Alternatively, this could be explained as a retcon (i.e. changing the first two Harry Tipper levels from taking place in the 70's to taking place in the 60's)- assuming, of course, that continued interference by Crow and the TimeSplitters had not simply altered history(which may logically explain any number of plot inconsistencies between games).
  • Harry Tipper's voice is radically different in this game compared to the previous, even considering a new voice actor. In TimeSplitters 2, Tipper's voice was comparable to an imitation of actor Bruce Campbell in sound and manner of speaking, whereas here, Tipper has a deep, gravelly voice, similar to George Carlin.


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