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Welcome to everyone who is interested in playing any sort of roleplaying game. This is a general resource for any game scenario that you can think of. It is not for a specific game, such as rifts by Palladium Books, but for all games in general. If you need anything for a game that you are creating from scratch, go ahead and use it as long as the proper copyright references are give as all of this information is creative commons.

Feel free to post any material that can be used in a game system. It does not matter what the new information is, as long as there is no derogatory, defamitory, or racist language involved. That is strictly forbidden and will result in the information being edited or deleted as well as a warning issued to the author of said page. The information can be set up for a specific game setting or for all games in general as the stats allow.

User Notices

To all users who sign up with The sysops for the entire server has disabled any uploads for this server. Luckily, I did find a server that will allow you to upload your images so that they can be shown on this wiki. The site is photobucket. They will accept mpost image formats, including .png format files. That server is where I have the above logo stored at. Dont get me wrong here, you can still use flickr for those images that are not meant to be transparent as flickr jpg's everything that gets uploaded to it. On the other hand, If they must be transparent, you would be advised to use photobucket.

For reference to everyone who intends to use this wiki. If there is any copyrighted material posted on this site and I am asked to remove the content, I will do so. If this happens you will only get one other warning about doing this. It will not happen again, because if it does that will get that user permanently banned from this wiki, except for being able to read articles in a browser.

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