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The Demon World

Getting there

There are only certain ways to get to the Demon World.


Throughout the real world and the Demon World, there are portals. They can take beings to and from each dimension. The only way to exit the Demon World is to go back through the portal you came through. If it is destroyed or blocked, then you are stuck. There are certain ways you can go through another portal the only known ways are:

  • Go through another on with a demon
  • Cast a certain spell or chant on the one you entered through
  • Create Another Portal
    • Only demons can create new portals, and the way to do so has been lost to history.

As of now, there are only three known portals:

  • Demon Valley- A large valley where an army of demons came through sometime in the future. Leiax, the current king, led them. An army of toa fought them back, and a toa of gravity used "The Second Stone" to push them back. It activated the portal in the valley, and closed it. The valley was characterized by having tall, long, teeth-like curving pillars on either side of it, which closed after the fight between Leiax and the toa. After the portal activated, the valley closed, giving it a resemblence to a mouth. Since, it has been re-opened by Lixan, Tronas, and the toa to travel to the Demon World. It closed afterwards, trapping them.
  • Gauntual's Temple- A temple atop the highest mountain on Tren-nui. It reaches above the clouds, and for centruies was home ot the gauntlet that held Gauntual. When Zairahk took the gauntlet from its place, the portal on the back wall activated, sucking them into the Demon World.
  • Daizu's Cave- A cave on a mountain on the outskirts of Kage-nui. It was where the demon Daizu was exiled to. The end of the cave is the portal. As of now, none know that this cave is actually a portal.

There are more portals, but their whereabouts are unknown.

Creating a Portal

There are steps to create a Demon Portal. Here is what is known:

  • A Demon must do it
  • The portal is but a demon symbol, which must be carved into a wall
  • A special mixture must be painted on the carved lines
    • The mixture fuses into the wall, making the carved symbols disappear so none know it is a portal
    • The mixture also has some sort of bi-dimensional energy, which creates the energy for the portal
    • The mixture must be made of certain herbs from each dimension, some form the one you are in and some from the one you wish the portal to go to.
  • It is the symbols that directs the portal to the Demon World.

The Crossing

It appears that if you travel far enough in either world, you will cross over. However, no one has ever done this, and is may just be a myth.

Life in the Demon World

The demons are evil and ruthless. It is their nature to attack any being not a demon, whether it be a matoran, toa, or angel(see below).

When demons break the law, they are judged on different levels:

  1. Minimal Crimes- Such as taking a couple items from another demon. Punishable by death at least
  2. Medium Crimes- Such as stealing multiple items from multiple places a lot. Punishable by at least a decade of extreme torture or a century of minimal torture
  3. Maximum Crimes- Such as assault on the Demon King's life, or murder or assault of other demons. Punishable by at least a milenia of extreme torture or higher.


Demons travle and live in clans. Each clan has a leader. Clans are usually made up of all or most of one type of demons, but there are many multi-demon type clans.

Each type of demon has one representative, who represents their demon element in the Demon Council.

The Demon Council is made up of one of each type of demon, and are advisers to the Demon King and take over if the Demon King were to fall ill or is out on duty.

There is one Demon King. Every thousand-years, a challenge is held for demons to come and challenge the King in a death match for the crown. Whichever demon kills the king, becomes the new Demon King.


The Demon World is not unlike the real world. It has water, grass, fire kills, ect. But the sky is a dark purple all the time and the grass is gray. To outsiders, the air stings the lungs, the water would be poison, the fire would freeze, and the food would taste like sand.

Also, when a being that has a demon enters the Demon World, their demon is released (save for a few certain occasions.). The reason behind this is unknown.

Groups and Divisions

Demons are classified into 10 different "elements": Fear, Hatred, Anger, Hunger, Weakness, Disentrgration, Destruction, Infection, Death, and Shadows. There are also other species living in the Demon World.



The "elements" of demons cannot be used by them in the Demon World, they only take effect in the real world. These are a list of the main elements, but there are others in the demon world, just not in large enough quantities to have a representative on the Demon Council and therefore, not important in the Demon World.


  • Can give or take fear from a being
  • Can give or take courage from a being

Only extremely experienced demons can make it so that beings die of fright or fear virtually nothing, but doing so takes great concentration and control.


  • Can give or take Hate
  • Can give or take love
  • Can make a friend an enemy
  • Can make an eneym a friend

Demons of hatred can only make beings fall madly in love or hate each others' guts. No little anger lapses, just full out hate.


  • Can give or take anger
  • Can give or take peace

Demons of anger can only make beings extremely mad at each other, no hate. And they can only make beings like eahc other, not fall in love.


  • Can starve a being
  • Can fill a being
  • Can make famine and drought
  • Can end famine and drought


  • Can Weaken a being
  • Can strengthen a being
  • Can pinpoint places of weakness
  • Can increase the weakness of a certain point

Only extremely experienced demons of weakness can make a being too weak to move, or strong enough that they're invincible. But doing that takes great concentration and control. Demons of weakness are characterized by their four, spider-like legs.


  • Can destroy things
  • Can cause massive damage to things

Demons are destruction are usually the ones in war. Because of their nature, they're very brutal, but not at all stupid, and extremely powerful.


  • Can disentegrate an object
  • Can rebuild disentegrated objects
  • Can cause pain to beings

Demons of disentegration can fully disentegrate something, or make it very nulled and leave a being with a crippled leg or limb.


  • Can infect any being or object
  • Can disinfect any being or object

Demons of infection can infect beings, enslaving them to their will and making them evil. They can also infect them with diseases. If a demon of infection dies and there are beings who are infected by that demon, they are immediately disinfected.


Demons of death are the most unique. They're like grim reapers. Only a few can exist at a time, including death and shadow. They can sense when a being is going to die, and have the ability to teleport. They can also turn intangible and can kill anything.


  • Can control shadows
  • Can turn into shadows
  • Can turn beings evil
  • Have access to one or more real world element

Demons of shadow are not their own type, but secondary types. There are occasionally demons created that have one of the other elements, and shadows. Very rarely are there demons of only shadow, but there are. Shadow demons of a certain line have been known to have been sealed in objects to eternally contain their essence until they are awaken by a possible host. Interesting enough, Shadow Demons are the only ones to have access to a second element, or a real world element. They can have more than one real world element, but only one more demon element. Also, they cannot have demon and real world elements in the same demon.

Great Ones

Great Ones are a special type of demon. There are differences between Great Ones and regular demons, but most of them cnnot be destinguished right away. For one, they are mostly bigger, more powerful, and more evil (but there are many good Great Ones). They also have two lives, in a way. When a Great One dies, they are reincarnated into a toa-like form that controls a rela world element, most of the time lightning. Great Ones are praised in society, and held higher than regular demons. But some it fears and banishes to the real world, and some it even seals away (like Gauntual). It is unknown how Great Ones are created.

It is speculated that demons become Great Ones by "growing old". Demons do not grow old in our sense of age and wilting, but in a sense of knowledge and power. The longer a demon lives, the more powerful he becomes. At some point, he learns the very secret of life and this knowledge in itself reincarnates the demon into a Great One.

There are demons even older than Great Ones, the greatest of the Great Ones. They have lived for ridiculous amounts of time, and have grown to be extremely powerful. One faction, the Biju, are such demons. Daizu is one as well. It is very difficult to become one of these, as it involves living for untold amounts of time, which is hard in a world of non-stop war.

Demon Kaita

With a Host

Demon Fusion Form

While a host that possesses a demon can enter a "demon form", where the host tkes the shape, form, and powers of their demon but still retains their dominace and personality, that form is not considered a fusion. However, it is possible for the host and the demon to fuse, in a way. Where the host remains mortal and not a demon, their body gains demon-like characteristics and abilities. This is known as a "Demon Fusion Form", but is very hard to perform and as of yet there have been no known creations of this, but there are many who know how to make it.


While two or more mortal hosts can fuse, if both have a demon the fused form can enter a demon form as well, which is a fusion of the two demons. The demons' personalities and abilities are fused as well, and are projected through the fused host as any regular demon would with a regualr host.

Without a Host

Demon Fusions

As mortals can fuse into one being, so can demons. Their bodies, minds, abilities, and personalities are fused into one demon, who is more powerful than a regular demon. While a fused demon's powers rival a Great One's, they are not considered Great Ones. The only time they would be is if two Great Ones fused. If a regular demon and a Great One fuse, most likely the Great One will be the dominate personality unless it wishes otherwise.

"Earning Claws"

The term is really inaccurate. A demon does not really "earn" claws, just uses them. Two things must happen before a demon has claws:

  • He must have a host
  • He must be in a fit of rage

When a host is in his demon form, and goes into a fit of rage for whatever reason (whether it be a loved one was killed, or one is mocking him). Then, the rage grows and eventually the host cannot control himself, and the demon can take over. When a demon completely takes over a host"s body, and the host is not fighting back, the demon grows claws on his hands and feet, and he becomes more powerful. Only Great Ones in their first forms and regular demons can do this. Second-form Great Ones and Angels cannot.

Demon Energy

Demon energy in itself is unique, as it is not actually an essence of power, but infection. There are three types of demon energy, with the occasional exception:

  • Destruction
  • Healing
  • Telekinesis

These are the main three types of demon energy. Others exist, but are not in enough quantity to be counted important. Demon Energy of healing allows the demon to heal itself or others. Demon energy of destruction does the opposite. Telekinetic Demon Energy lets the demon move things with its mind.

The interesting part is that it wasn't meant to be used as a weapon, like the demons use it in the Real World. Like their elements, demon energy only works in the real world, not the Demon World. This is because the energy is actually dark essence the demons give off, which corrupts worlds. They have already corrupted their own, so the energy no longer needs to work. It is based off the same power as demon elements, which is why that doesn't work in their world either. Now, the real world is slowly being corrupted by demon energy, and soon no demon energy or elements will work.


Abilities are just that, but are unique to hosts. The only way a demon can access its ability is if its sealed inside a host. Abilities can be anything, and cannot be predicted. Certain demon elements don't get certain abilities, its random. Abilities work in any world.


Spartans are demon-like beings, but are different.


Spartans exhibit demon-like behavior, though punishment is not so cruel. They are ruthless, and appear evil to an outsider.


Spartans themselves are not demons, but have a demon-like spirit attached to them.


Every Spartan is toa-like. Their body structure is similar to toa's, and they are about the same height. They also share similar elements. However, Spartans are more ruthless, cruel, and demon-like. And their elements can only be used in the Demon World.

Each Spartan has a demon-like spirit attached to them. The spirit follows them around, but can do nothing. It can't speak, each, or touch. The only way you can tell if its there is that you get a strong sense of cold when near it.

Because of the spirit, the Spartans can do the same thing toa do: take the spirit, and use it to access a Demon Form.

The spirit has a demon element, which the spartan can use under the same circumstances as demons.


The past of the Spartans is a mystery. Almost nothing is known about them, except that they came into being abotu the same time as Angels and Demons.

Angelous Quntorpus

Angelous Quntorpus, or angels, inhabit the Demon World, but are not actually demons.


At the creation or the Demon World, there were demons and angels. They lived in harmony, and prospered. But the demons wanted to rule the entire world, so they attacked the angles. The angels were caught off guard by this, and were masscred. This war was known as the Great Angle Purge. Three of the five angel species were wiped out, save for one or two. Afterwards, the angels went into hiding.



  • Can control light
  • Can turn into light

Light angels are the most common. They have no wings, but get around by turning into light. They carry weapons of light and their masks each have a different light-based power.


  • Can control two different elements (excluding light, shadow, and any demon element)

Energy angles are few in number, but rival the power of light angels. They can control two different elements (real world elements), but they cannot be light, shadow, or a demon element. Energy angels have wings which they use ot get around, and usually carry around stalves or swords.


  • Can teleport anywhere in the Demon World
  • Can travel through time (only by about a few seconds)

Angels of dimensions are the first extinct angels. Their powers rival those of the light and energy angles. They can teleport anywhere in the Demon World or real world, but cannot teleport between the two. They can't travel to other dimensions, either, but can open pocket dimensions.


  • Can control lightning
    • Can shoot blasts of electricity
    • Can control lightning
  • Can control thunder
    • Can cause earthquakes, landslides, ect.
    • Can deafen an opponent temporarily or permanantly

Sky angels are the second extinct angels, and their powers rival those of the other angels. They can shoot and control lightning, and can use thunder to make earthquakes, landslides, ect. and deafen an opponent.


  • Can shoot sonic blasts
  • Can make sonic booms
  • Can cause earthquakes, landslides, ect.
  • Can deafen an opponent
  • Can absorb all the sound in an area.

Sonic angels are the last extinct type, and their powers rival those of all the other angels. They can do all thunder angels can, and can shoot sonic blasts and can absorb all the sound in an area.


Futasu are sort of neutral beings. While Demons represent the shadows and Angels represent the light, the Futasu choose neither side, or they sway continuously. It is said that when new demons or angels are created, they are first Futasu, which would explain their ridiculously big population. Through the life of the Futasu, their actions decide what they turn into. Because it is easier to live a life or darkness than life, the multitude of Futasu turn into demons. How they live their life also determines what element they get, which explains the small populations of certian demon elements.


Futasu, like angels and demons, can take hosts. But, the host gains no special powers. The Futasu have no elements or special abilites. However, they allow a host to see the world without bias, and also elliminate most emotions such as fear and cowardice.


In every species, there are a few of each who are evolved past the others. A few who's powers surpass the boundaries thought to surround the species. These few are Almitans. It is said that Almitans have surpassed even the Biju in age and power, but these are only legends.


It is unknwon how Almitans are created, or what exactly makes them evolve. It could happen due to natural selection, making them stronger, smarter, and overall better than the normal demon, equal to Great Ones. This is only a theory, made by Chaos after he helped D-Shadow in his fight against Zentan and cannot be accepted as a fact.

It is known, however, that Demons and Angels can somehow evolve without knowning it. How this occurs is completely unknown, though Ataxia said he would look into it and find out as who the existing Almitans are. Ataxia claims that it could happen for many reasons, but he can't pin-point the exact reason.

Almitans also have DNA of both angels and demons, though this could just be that they have DNA that resembles a demon's and an agel's. Again, how this can is unknown.


When an Almitan evolves, he/she loses all memory of their past life, but may quickly gain it back when they realize that they are almitans.

It also appears that a being can evolve and keep their memory, but be completely unaware that they are almitans. If this happens, then their new powers are blocked until they realize what they are.

Almitans seem to possess the same abilites as they had before their evolution, but on a much more powerful scale, plus an additional element that is, somehow, chosen by them.

Their Hybrid forms are also different from Demons and Angels, instead of taking the form of a Toa. Almitans will turn into anything that would make them seem like they weren't a threat and based somewhat on their own physique. An example of an Almitan Hybrid form would be Zentan, being puppet-like in appearance, choosing a Mctoran puppet form. However, Zentan is the only Almitan ever to be recorded, and so he may only be lying about what he is rather than introducing a whole new faction.

Demon Items



The Demonica was created by the first Demon King as a way to stop any demon. The mask can control any demon, or anything named demon. The Demon King made it so that if thee were ever an attack on his life, or on a sacred place or somewhere of importance the attackers could be stopped. But the Demon King realized too late that Demons cannot where or use kanohi, but it was too powerful and valuable to destroy. So, it was locked away and kept under heavy guard in the palace. Unfortunately, there was an attack on the palace some time afterwards and the demonica was stolen by angels. But instead of using it to attack the demons, they tossed it through a portal. Later, it was found by a toa named D-shadow, who wore it. Later, when he journeyed to the demon world, he was captured and possession of the mask nearly cost his his life.


The randomia was one of the most powerful masks ever created. It was the first mask ever created by demons, dating back before the demonica. It could change anything in reality, bringing a mountain to life, or suddenly killing ever friend the wearer ever had. It was crafted, but before the demon could try to use it and discover he couldn't, it's creation was found out by the Demon King and he led an attack to get it. Durring the attack, a couple angels suddenly appeared and disappeared, taking the mask with them. They threw it into the portal, like they later would do with the demonica. It was distorted in the portal, and when it emerged it was on an island called Takaka-nui. It's shape was distorted into a block-like form, but it found a "host" (as the mask was 'living', and could bond with its wearer, and give its power according to its bonding.). This host happened to be Chaos, a toa who happened to be D-shadow's brother. Chaos claimed the randomia about the same time as D-shadow got the demonica.

Zentan Puppet

An almitan named Zentan, the first and only known Almitan, was imprisoned in this when banished from the Demon World. He was in this puppet for many years, but was released by an unknown being and took that unfortuneate being as his host. The puppet looks like a perfect miniature copy of Zentan, seeiming as life-like as Zentan. The puppet has been lost and Zentan claims that as long as that puppet isn't in possession, he can't be imprisoned. This could hin that Almitans can only be imprisoned in miniature puppets of themselves, though this is uncertain. When it was built, the designer forgot to give it a tail, so the demon king just cut Zentan's off.

Weapons of Karzahni

The wepons of karzahni are the most powerful demon weapons. They posess unreal powers that only a Demon King could use with still a little trouble. During a challange with the king, Slutock stole these weapons while Lixan and D-Shadow were distacted by killing the king. It is unknown if he still has these weapons.

In Possession

The Record

The Record is the code-name for an object the angels have. It is said to contain special information on the mast hope of the angels, and to have a list of every angel ever to be and every angel who is involved with this hope....

The Virus

The Virus is yet another angel "object". It was created using Revan's energy, which he used to transform form angel to toa to demon to angel, in whichever order. They took his energy of being able to transform form demon to angel, and turned it into a viral form. They then placed it under highedt protection, planning to release it onto the demon world and transform evil demons into ally angels. However, they realize that once the last original angel dies out that this virus will forever link them and the demons into one species.

The Second Stone

The Second Stone is a demon-toa object. It was originally intended to be a back-up toa stone for Lixan if something were to happen to the first one, but nothing did and durring the toa-demon war it was found. It was then given toa energy by every toa left alive, and then taken by the toa of gravity to fight with Leiax. When the tow entered the Demon World, Leiax took over the toa and he became Leiax's host, with Leiax in control. The stone was then taken, but was far too powerful for the demons to be able to destroy. So, it was locked away. It's purpose has yet to be fulfilled, and before it is all over the Demon World will forever have a place in its history for The Cursed Second Stone, creator of Drarus.

The Symbols

Little info is available abtou these strange objects. There is one symbol for every demon element, and they were first seen floating around the first Demon: Reisax. It is said that if all the symbols are joined in one place, and used properly, then the secrets of every demon element and those of the Demon World would be revealed....

Weapons of Artahka

Weapons of pure light, held by the Angels. They are the exact opposite of the Weapons of Karzahni, and can reverse any effects doen by the weapons. The Angels still have the weapons, but with the current circumstances it is unknown how long it will stay so.

The Scroll of Worlds

The Scroll of Worlds is the last scroll in existance that has information on how to create a demon portal. Currently, it is under his security by The Guild Comica, but the demons are planning to launch an attack to claim it.


These are a list of special events that are worth noting:


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