Shelton, Adah Lily Lucas

From Lane Co Oregon

Adah Lily Lucas was born in Monmouth, Oregon in 1852, the daughter of Elizabeth Francis Murphy and Albert Whitfield Lucas, who founded Monmouth College. Adah married T. W. Shelton on October 18, 1870.

Albert W. Lucas served for many years as an elder of the Christian church at Monmouth and shaped his life by its teachings. He was an ardent advocate of the cause of prohibition but did not live to see the passage of the eighteenth amendment. On April 6, 1893, he was called to his final rest and was long survived by Mrs. Lucas, whose demise occurred on the 17th of November, 1914. Adah, their oldest child, became the wife of Dr. T. W. Shelton and both passed away in Eugene, Oregon.

A few months following the death of her husband, Adah Shelton moved to Portland, leaving the home to her daughter, Alberta, and son-in-law, Robert McMurphy.

Adah Shelton, who loved beautiful things and had a deep interest in gardening, died in 1910 at age 58.

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