United Provinces of America

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Provincias Unidas Americanas
United Provinces of America
125px-Flag_of_the_United_Provinces_of_Central_America.svg.png 100px-Coat_of_arms_of_United_States_of_Central_America.png

Flag and Coat of Arms
of the United Provinces of America

Official Language Spanish
Capital Managua
Head of State Juan Bautista Sacasa
Head of Government Julian Irias Navarro
  - Establishment of the United Provinces

Government Presidential republic
Currency United Provinces real
Area 180 595 km²
Population About 1.3 millions

The United Provinces, also known as The United Provinces of America or even The United Provinces of Central America, is a country in Central America. It borders Honduras to the north and Panama to the south.



Formed in 1931 as a response to growing extremist influences, the United Provinces of Central America is a union between the republics of Nicaragua and Costa Rica formed to protect their relatively democratic stable regimes. The young state's industry is split between US-controlled banana production and German dominated coffee production. In 1934 the state entered an alliance with Panama, mostly because United States wanted to cut direct involvement in the area and it was a means of making sure the preservation of the UP was an, albeit indirect, US interest. Even if the state is split between American and German backed interest groups, the social problems of United Provinces pale in comparison with the socialist revolts and skirmishes the north has experienced. Now that US influence is fading many feel it is time for the United Provinces to decide whether they are satisfied with the inevitable eventual domination of the domestic situation by Germany, or whether they should start to push for "a way of their own".


President: Juan Bautista Sacasa

Vice President: Julían Irias Navarro

Foreign Minister: Leonardo Argüello Vargas

Minister of Armament: Anastacio G. Somoza

Minister of Security: Alcacio Trelles Mendoza

Head of Military Intelligence: Leonardo Argüello Vargas

Chief of Staff: Anastacio G. Somoza

Chief of Army: Augusto Caraval Antonio

Chief of Navy: Gustavo Flores Mendienta

Chief of Air Force: Guillermo R. Cuadra


The United American Provincial Military, or UAPM, is quite weak, with chronic supply issues and outdated equipment, along with just lacking in size. Besides that, it lacks an air force, and its navy consists mainly of relatively ineffectual coastal patrol vessels.

Foreign relations

Friendly relations with Germany, United States, Honduras and Panama.

Unfriendly relations with Centroamerica.

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