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circa 2010/2011


Marcus Mumford

  • Guitars: two Martin D-28s ("Mary-Kate" and "Ashley" -- one is in CACGCE, other switches between DADFAD and DADF#AD), Martin OM-28 (in standard tuning and down a tone), Martin OM-42 (some say OM-21), at least two Gibson ES-335s (one red, one black), Gibson J-45, Gibson SG, Martin D-18VS
  • Mandolin: Gibson A-5
  • Percussion: Ludwig bass drum
  • Pedals/Amplification: Fishman pickups, L.R. Baggs Parametric EQ, Boss TU-2, Lehle 3@1 switcher, Fender Hot Rod Deville
  • Other: Martin Phosphor Bronze (M550, reportedly) strings (.013 - .056)

Winston Marshall

  • Banjos: Gold Tone EMB-5 F-style electric banjo, Gold Tone OB-250 acoustic banjo

Ben Lovett

  • Keyboards: Nord Stage EX 88, Roland FR7 V-Accordion

Ted Dwayne

  • Basses: Guadagnini double bass, Fender P-Bass
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