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Amanda Palmer

As of 2008, Palmer had three Kurzweil PC88s in rotation either between live onstage or in a repair shop, due to her aggressive style of playing. Currently, the Kurzweil websites lists her as using the PC3X and PC88.

As she's began heavily playing the ukulele, she's been seen with a plethora of different ukuleles, including a bright pink soprano Mahalo, a soprano Hilo (with a playing card and various bits of black tape on it), and more recently, a tenor Pono ukulele.

Brian Viglione


  • Yamaha “PHX” Series in Garnet Fade finish: 22x18" kick, 12x9" rack tom, 16x15" and 18x16" floor toms
  • Yamaha Oak Custom in Red Oak finish: 22x18" kick, 12x9" rack tom, 15x14" and 16x16" floor toms
  • Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute in Cherry Wood finish: 20x18" kick, 12x10" rack tom, 15x14" and 16x16" floor toms


  • Yamaha SD-465APL 14x6.5" Paul Leim Signature Snare (chrome-plated brass shell w/ gold lugs)
  • Yamaha BSD-1465NJR 14x6.5" John Robinson Signature Snare (birch shell w/ bird's eye maple outer ply, Amber Sunburst finish)
  • Yamaha MSD-1470EJ 14x7" Elvin Jones Signature Maple Snare (all-maple 7-ply shell, 19-ply maple wood hoop w/ 10 holes)
  • Ludwig LB-416 14x6.5" Black Beauty Snare Drum
  • Ludwig 14x5" Chrome Plated Brass Supraphonic Snare

Zildjian cymbals

  • Touring setup:
    • “15 A Custom Matersound Hi-Hats
    • “19 K Hybrid Crash
    • “22 K Ride
    • “19 K Hybrid China
  • Alternate recording & live cymbals:
    • "22 K Custom High Definition Ride
    • "21 K Custom Special Dry Ride
    • "22 K Constantinople Medium Thin Ride, Low
    • "18 FX Spiral Trash
    • "24 “Mother Ship” Ride (unlathed cast that has only gone through the first stage of being rolled over the bell mold)


  • Yamaha SS840 Heavy Duty Double Braced Snare Stand
  • Yamaha CS-845 Heavyweight Boom Cymbal Stands
  • Yamaha DFP 9500C Double chain drive double kick pedal
  • Yamaha HS 1200T Two legged hi hat stand, toggle link drive
  • Yamaha DS 840 Double Braced Drum Stool


  • Vic Firth sticks:
    • American Sound® 5A
    • Vic Firth “Jazz Brush”
    • Corpsmaster® CT-1 Timpani Mallets
  • Drum heads:
    • REMO Clear Ambassador heads on the bottom
    • REMO Coated Emperor heads on the batter side
    • REMO Emperor X heads on the snare tops
    • Aquarian Super-Kick I on the kick drum batter
    • Yamaha heads or custom-design heads on the kick drum front
  • Dunlop picks
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