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S.Illus is a relatively new Bunny to the forums, but a long-time EGS reader. She thinks of herself as very young compared to the rest of the Bunnies and, for that reason, doesn't like to post much due to seeming immature. She's not too good at making wiki pages, so don't shoot her.


S.Illus {An overview}

S.Illus is a GIRL. Yeah. Now that that's out of the way... She's fifteen. She was added to the "How Old Is That Bunny" thread when she was fourteen, though, but it's not an auto-updating thing. Trust her, she's fifteen. She doesn't talk in third person much, but this seems to be an exception. As a new bunny to the forums, she's just kind of wading into the waters, but apparently, some of the bunnies believe she is "very liked [t]here." She draws, but she hasn't posted anything yet. She wants to have a southern Bunny meeting, and maybe meet somewhere in Texas. Because going out-of-state is out of the question for her.

On The Forums

She usually looks at the new comic thread, at least reads the first few pages. She used to do this all the time, but for some reason, one day just...quit. The '07 Comic-Con thread brought her back to the forum because she's planning on attending the one in '08. She decided that she'd need to get to know the bunnies she'd be meeting if everything went well and she managed to make it. She sneaks around Mayhem when she gets the time and posts some on Say Something About the Last Poster and Why Should the Last Poster Be Banned?. She'd love to join an Rp, but she's yet to find one that's open and accepting without her having to read thirty pages and catch up. She's also very lazy. On August 13, 2007, she walked into the EGS Store Reborn. We'll see what happens.

Bunnyness (Bunniness? Bunny-ness?)

Smoky has so far been:

  • A cat-girl-thing (Ask Kalga, I dunno)
    • It was a Ctarl-Ctarl. A proud warrior race. The form Smoky took was kinda like a catgirl, weapons-grade.....Kalga
  • A male wolf
  • A v5 female tiger
  • A panther-girl
  • A v5 snake-girl (like a Naga)
  • A hawk-girl? (awkward)
  • A dolphin-girl (also awkward)

And this all happened at the EGS Store.

She's now in the EGS Store thread and the Art Pirates thread. She's still going to look for an Rp to join.

Inventory (Constantly Updated)

  • orange crystal inscribed with TF-gun code for Salamander V1.
  • one cookie,
  • one dead fish,
  • a six-pack of unlabeled soda,
  • one squirrel teddy,
  • a TF gun,
  • an Emu (from Squato)
  • a fox TF'd to towel form (from Kalga)

Other Places to Find Her

Due to being very odd, S.Illus has an account just about everywhere (Obvious lie). She's often (always) on MSN and AIM. She has four Gaia Online accounts (No life). She also reads other webcomics and is an active member of the forums of Middlecenter (which is a good comic for those who are fond of puns and stuff) under the name of Smoky_Illusion. Hm, I wonder where she got S.Illus from, then?

Still More Random Stuff

S.Illus wants people to comment on this page. She's odd.


  • Consider adding yourself to the list on the Main Page. You aren't going to get too many bunnies coming by to comment without any links here :P I only came past due to the link in your Keenspot signiture. -Xiroth 21:30, 17 August 2007 (EDT)
  • If you say you are always on MSM or AIM you should put your names for those. -Bainhart

((This page will be updated when I have more to say.))

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