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[edit] Welcome to the Decide Your Own Fate Wiki

The Decide Your Own Fate Wiki is designed to host and make it easy to create stories in the choose-your-own-adventure genre. Please use reasonably proper grammar, and contact me if you have any questions. Instructions for creating and expanding stories are below.

[edit] Instructions

To begin, click edit on the main page and add the title of your story under 'Existing Stories.' If the title is not already being used, then the caption should be red. Clicking on the link will bring you to a new page. Select, 'Create," and enter the opening text for your story, and the first link or story. Each new page should be created in the same way as the first page. Each page should have this template:

Step One: Text for the page, which should introduce the options and a mention of the choice that lead here. For example: You decide to _______. Now, _______, and you can _____ or _____.

Step Two: To create options, type something to the effect of, "Do you decide to..." Then move down at least one line and type the following:

*[[Option 1]]
*[[Option 2]]
*[[Option 3]]


Step Three: If you do not categorize your stories, then they will not be viewed as one item. Categorizing your stories makes it easier for people to edit and access. To categorize a story, skip a line and write

[[Category: Title]]

Click on the title to create the page, which will automatically include every page with the tag on it.

Step Four: After you create a page, you must create a page for each new link. That means that every option must lead to a new page, unless that page is an ending. If the page is not a winning ending, it is usually best to include a link to the first page. To create an internal link which is not an option, type

[[Title of page.]]

[edit] Existing Stories

[edit] First Steps

  1. An administrative user has already been created for you with all rights over this wiki. You should first log in using
    Username: admin
    Password: changeme
  2. Click on my preferences and change the admin password. Critical: If you don't do this, other users can take over your wiki.
  3. Click on the Control Panel link under " tools" in on the left hand side of this page. From here you can set the Logo Image for your wiki that appears in the upper left of all pages.

[edit] Optional Secondary Steps

  1. Add your wiki to the Categorized List of Wikis
  2. Promote your wiki by posting to your favorite social networks
  3. Create another user with a more personalized username (first log out, then click create an account).
  4. Join the News Group
  5. Edit this page and replace it's content with something more interesting for new visitors.
  6. Read How to make a successful wiki
  7. Read the Help Page
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