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[edit] Cybersecessionist Projects

Probably the most important cybersecessionist communities are based around I2P and Freenet. They have diverging approaches on anonymity. The former is purely algorithmic (which makes it impossible to hide the list of participating IPs), the latter uses some social networking principles (which may subject it to human limitations).

I2P features strong low-latency anonymity and seems fresher, in that its developers seem to be more pragmatic and intend to implement as many mainstream utilities as possible in a user-friendly manner. It promisses to become a powerful and very popular project. However, they decided to stay low profile until their soon-to-be-released I2P 0.6.2 (which is actually 1.0 beta).

Freenet is taking an innovative (some say risky) approach, which makes it a very interesting project. It's hardly possible to predict the evolution of its recent social-networking based "darknet". If proven, Freenet's darknet model could become the most subversive anonymizing system, if not the most powerful. For instance, the darknet seems to be the only way for people under oppressive political regimes to access Cypherspace.

[edit] Other Important Projects

Tor is the most popular anonymity-related project. Its being supported by EFF adds to its reputation. Although Tor is not intended as a cybersecessionist project (as it doesn't promote separation from the "outer Internet"), its hidden services can be used this way. However, since its participating exit nodes are published, it is easy for anybody to ban Tor IPs, which validates it as a cybersecessionist project: it's up to the "outer Internet" users to isolate Tor. (Remember that cybersecessionism implies that as long as everybody can ban a project's participants' access to any of their services, that project can never become illegal.)

GNUnet is also an important project, but is limited to file sharing, so can't be discussed here.

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