Zesu Fuhiyama

From Create Your Own Story

Wow.......you chose me...

All I'm gonna say is...That's freaking awesome!!

I thought your just gonna choose the other guy cause he's so cool and gets those girls! Well that's what this information said anyway, but lets skip this talk about the other guy.

Choosing me means you'll have the time of your life my friend, cause we'll just be moving and moving like there's no freaking tomorrow!! (meaning you chose the comical character)

By the way if your an idiot and didn't see what my name is, its Zesu Fujiyama, the writer in this story didn't know how to spell my damn surname! Anyways I'm the guy that will be enjoying and relaxing this High school year!!!

Also I'm 15 years old and I'm good at music and creating stuff but who cares about that? we won't use that in high school anyways right!?

Like I said the adventures awaits us and by adventure I mean peeping and sneaking in the girls changing room!!!!

So Let's get going!!!

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