You want to be like them

From Create Your Own Story

The more you watch, the more you envy these shemales. To you, they are the apex of sexuality, with all the curves of a woman and the monster meat of a male pornstar. You watch the way they stuff their victims and imagine what it would be like to have that kind of animal magnetism. As you view videos of Mariana Cordoba, Mia Isabella and Yasmin Lee, your dick gets rock hard. You jerk off furiously while fantasizing about being one of those dominant shemales, and then you cum explosively when a stud gets filled with shemale cream.

After you come down, you try to set these fantasies aside. No use wishing for something that will never come true.


You wake up in the middle of the night from confused dreams about full breasts and mammoth members. Your skin is sweaty, and your dick is rock hard. Bits of your dreams continue to play in your mind, and you remember wearing feminine clothing and filling up hole after hole. Before you can stop yourself, your hand is wrapped around your erection. You start masturbating furiously, but you are suddenly interrupted by the realization that somebody is in the room with you.

You see a woman with skin so lustrous and golden-brown it seems to glow in the full moonlight, which is streaming in through the window. She is leaning over to study your face, and her long, ruddy hair is brushing you lightly. You are too surprised to even exclaim, so you just stare at her. She smiles softly and says, "It's a lovely night, wish-maker."

"" you ask like an idiot.

"Oh, yes. My name is Leta. I'm here to grant your wish to be transformed."

"What do you mean, transformed?" you ask warily.

"You are not satisfied as you are," Leta answers matter-of-factly. "You desire to be more feminine."

"You--You want to turn me into a girl?!"

"I cannot make you into a biological woman," she says with a shake of her head.

"Okay, and what if I don't want to be--I don't know, feminized or whatever at all?"

"Then I wouldn't be here," Leta replies confidently. "But..." she considers for a few moments. "There is something I can try if you are reticent. It would leave the transformation in your hands, and then you can decide how far to take it."

"This is crazy," you protest. "I don't know..."

"Oh, I think you do know. Now come, we must complete the ritual." She points at the floor in front of her.

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