You search for an empty bag and start to put in as many types of clothes and eventually travel stuff you can.

From Create Your Own Story

You think it's a good idea collect some clothes for the journey, you don't know how far you should go before keep yourself safe from the violence and persecution.So you grad some underwears, light and heavy clothes and put them diroderly in a chest.You will have to carry the chest under your arms, you don't have any backpack in you room for what you remember. While you are putting a pair fo fine boots, the guard enters: "They are coming princess, we have to run!". He grabs roughly your arm, and you moan a little for the violence of the scared man. You are able to take firmly the chest and follow him out of the room.A great confusion, screams and sound of metal and heavy feets comes from your back... they are coming. "What's your name? Where are we going ?" - you ask panicked while running throught the corridor.

"My name is Gurden, my princess. We have to find a way to escape the castle from a back or secret entrance, the main hall is completely taken.But it's not so long since i'm in service under your father, i don't know the castle very well, i spend almost of my duty work day in the barracks or in the castle gardens. It's a fortune for you i was in the castle today, i had to give a message to my superior, but now it's not important anymore.I swear princess, i'll save you at any cost".

You blush at his valiant words, and let him lead the way.He is a tall boy, with brown eyes and short hair, a military cut in fashion with soldiers.He wear the official guard armor and hold his broad long sword in the other hand.His proud word let you calm a little, maybe this man could really take care of you.

The corridor follows now two directions, left or right. Gurden asks for your advice, you should know better this castle section. Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:

Courtly Purple Dress, Knife

Stamina 100
Mood a lttle shaked Inventory:

valuable pendant, royal ring, a chest full of various clothes

Purse 0, 0, 0
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