Yes. (10 years later...)

From Create Your Own Story

The Fairy Queen was true. It did take 10 years, but it did happen. To the southwest of Oshnot, what used to be the Long Sea, quakes began shaking the surrounding areas. Eventually, a whole new piece of land rose up out of the sea. You knew this was to be your land. You went and explored it, although it seemed empty. A few local kingdoms got into a power struggle for the land. Then, prophets started having visions, of only one man who could rule the new kingdom. From that moment on, any king who tried to take the kingdom was made sick to the point of their deathbed. However, there was still no change on your 19th birthday. Time progressed, and less people tried to take the new land, but all eyes were on it, and visions kept coming. By this time the new land had widely became known as Vion. Then the second round of visions began, although very different ones. Women, all across the land of Aryth, would dream of a man, an excellent lover, waking up in orgasms nightly. Husbands and fathers became worried, but the women only wanted the real man. You had no reason to think this was you, because you had very limited experience with those things. Then, it was your 20th birthday. You ventured once more to Vion, and this time, it all changed. As soon as you stepped over the boundary line, the whole ground shook. A light enveloped you, and you emerged, a new man. A voice spoke in your head.

Hello once more, young one. It is finally time. Vion is yours. You have been given a new form, as you may notice, a fitter, stronger, more attractive one. I have made some changes to your original wish, but all ones I'm sure you'll be pleased with. It shall take one more year to actually make the kingdom complete, but I can put you in hibernation. You will not age, you will feel no time pass, and everyone will think you did it. Are you ready?

(One year later)

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