Want to be a teacher in the capital city

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After an excruciatingly long flight to Tashkent, all you could think about was finding your contact, Mark, and getting to a bed for some rest.

Mark had been living in Tashkent for two years as an assistant program director for a Peace Corps-funded educational development project. He had invited you to join his team at a local university. You had recently graduated from the Ohio State University with an M.A. in Russian history and you had no immediate job prospects, so you were glad for the chance, though you honestly had very little idea of what to expect in Uzbekistan.

When you finally had made it through customs at the airport, you walked through a small door and into a crowd of people waiting in the night air for friends and family – and a throng of pushy taxi drivers. You were being pressured by a particularly annoying driver when you were grabbed by the arm.

TSOJF: a hot girl with huge tits.


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Jack Foster, Peace Corps Worker

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