Wait in dispair, in silence, holding your breath.

From Create Your Own Story

The empy room has lost the splendour and luxury of a time.The gold decorations has been probably sold, as the acient paintings and bronze large statue of the city hero that stand upon a time in the center of the hall. Some old ruined papers and boxes are scattered around, no sign of a money.An old chair and a wooden desk are what of valuable remain. Somene knocked at the door.

"We know that a little princess is here !" - says someone in a mockery voice- "open the door and we will treat you gently, my dear!".

You remain in silence for a while.

"The castle is doomed, no one will save you, buahahahaha !" - laughs one of them. "All your loyal guards will face the same death of you friend here, he is not good at all with his sword"- says the first man.

You are in anger, stand up and knock with fury at the door. "Who are you? Why you killed my father!? You are bastards and you will die when the reinforcements arrive!You are pigs!".

"Bhuahahaha"! another powerful laugh. "You have been betrayed my lady, don't you know? All your servants and left loyal guards are being killed just now". "Also, we have a nice meet for you , say something Enya". A slap sound and a moan come from the other side."Don't open the door princess!"- say a female voice. Another slap sound.

The name and sound of Enya's voice chills your blood.She is your loveable maid, the one who cares of you since you were a child.She is about twelve years older than you, has a round face with innocent green eyes, a curvy body with two very large boobs and not a thin but appreciable stomach in spite of the latter two pregnancies. "Let her go, let her go immediately!"- you say.

"Sure.If you open this door mylady... i assure you won't be hurted"- answer the first man. "But if you don't open we'll find a way to let you collaborate...and your cow...ehm... your friend with this hard jugs will not be very happy at all."

You are at a crossroad.

Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:

Courtly Purple Dress, Knife

Stamina 100
Mood in despair and worried Inventory:

valuable pendant, royal ring, a chest full of various clothes

Purse 0, 0, 0
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