UG/Send him an even more revealing photo in hopes he'll change his mind

From Create Your Own Story

Samantha repeats herself, "What is it?!"

What are you going to do? This is terrible! Jake wants you to go there and he's probably going to want to touch you and do more than just take pictures. You didn't even ask for any of this! You just want it to stop. You pause in your frustration a moment and have an idea.

"Nothing," you lie, "I'll be right back."

You go to the bathroom, strip completely naked and put your hand over your vagina and take a photo. You admire your photography and your body as you send it to Jake, asking for mercy and begging for him to just keep this stuff between the two of you, but you aren't ready to come to his house yet.

You put everything back on and return to Samantha and girl talk.

Thirty minutes later, you get another message from Jake: "Thanks for another photo, but I'm not giving up until you come here. Get here in 15 minutes or everyone in school will have both photos."

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