UG/Grab a quick shower while still in the locker room

From Create Your Own Story

You figure you'd better clean up. You take your clothes and pack with you to the shower area and quickly wash your body. When you're done, you shoulder your pack and head slowly home.

You do your homework and studying, read for a bit, and turn in. The next day seems ordinary enough while you're at school. But as you are meandering your way to the front gate, the crowd as usual beating you to the exit, you feel a hand clamp over your mouth and a strong arm drag you into an empty classroom. The door is locked and the shades drawn.

"Hey, slut," comes a voice. You turn your head to see a muscular black girl. She must be the one who hauled you into this room.

"W-what do you want?" you whimper.

"I hear you fucked my Marcus yesterday and enjoyed yourself," she snarls. "No one fucks him but me, bitch."

"But --" you start to protest.

The black girl backhands you across the face. "Silence, whore!" You stop speaking at once.

"That's better," she says. "Now strip down like a good little slut." You remove your clothes, and she does likewise. "So you want to be fucked? I'll show you fucking." She puts on an enormous strap-on. It must be 10 inches long, and it's thick and veiny. Your eyes go wide. She grabs you and forces you to your knees. "Better get this nice and wet, whore."

You suck on the plastic dick for a minute or two. The black girl hauls you roughly to your feet and turns you around. "Bend over the desk and spread your legs." You fearfully comply.

"So where do you want it?" she growls. "Should I ravage your cunt, or ram this up your dirty asshole?"

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