UG/14/Um no rectal thermometer, you don't feel that bad

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"You know what Nurse Hopkins I'm feeling much better" you turn to leave as you leave the nurses office you're in the main waiting area of the office where the secretary sits and the offices of the principal and vice principal are. She grabs you tightly around the wrist preventing you from going any further. There are a few people, students mostly in the office and can't help but stare at the spectical

"Not so fast dearie" she says a little more sternly

"Let me go!" You struggle but can't break the older woman's grip.

"I can't dearie you have to submit to the exam" she argues

"No I don't I don't give my consent to this so you can't do it" you spit back

Almost on cue The principal comes out of his office and is holding a piece of paper, he reads from it "I the undersigned agree that if my child seeks medical attention from our schools nurse facilities that he or she will submit to any an all necessary exams deemed by the medical staff and in the case of non compliance on my child's part I do here by grant the school any and all permissions to restrain or force my child to comply. This of course would supersede any wishes of my child being that they are a minor and hereby grant the school full consent. Also I consent to any and all descplinary actions the school may wish to take if my child becomes uncooperative" there's more jargon he shows you the paper and the signature of your mother "we don't need your consent Callie we have your mother's" he says.

Defeated "fine I'll go back in and behave" you say stopping your struggle you know it's best at this point to just submit.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple now" the principal says as the nurse sharply yanks down your shorts and then grabs and yanks your panties so hard they tear a little.

"Oh my god what are you doing?!" You say in utter shock as your lower half is exposed

"You wouldn't submit to the exam in the privacy of the nurses office so you will now have it out here for all to see. I think that's a fair start to your punishment." The principal says as the nurse then Pulls your shirt off and unhooks your bra. You try to cover yourself but you are stopped by the nurse and you don't make any further attempts to cover your shame.

"Ok dearie lets try this again" she says a little colder in tone she puts you on the counter and opens a jar of Vaseline she rubs it all over the thermometer and then rubs a dollop on the opening of your rectum "it's best you relax and breathe for this next part dearie" she pushes the thermometer into your rectum. You grunt as the glass object intrudes your tightest of holes. you struggle and try to push it out and prevent it from going any further. Despite your efforts all this manages to do is cause you a great amount of discomfort as the thermometer is sufficiently lubed to push past your sphincter muscles. And causes you great embarrassment, all the pushing is making sloppy fart noises. Tears run down your cheek as you sob. The nurse rubs your back "just relax dearie it hurts cause you're fighting it. Just relax and breathe let it happen" she coos taking on her warm soothing voice again. You stop struggling and relax you breathe slow deep breaths. The thermometer slides much easier now that you're not fighting it and it doesn't hurt as bad and you're no longer making fart noises. " good, see dearie isn't that better" you nod wordlessly and wait.

It feels like an enternity having your temp taken rectually and looking at the clock it does take a long 10 min to finish. "There all done" she pulls the thermometer out, your poor anus still gaped due to its girth. She looks at it "all that fuss and good thing your temp is a little high" she says. The nurse then proceeds to do the rest of the exam it is humiliating her hands grope your breasts pinching the nipples and jiggling them around she also performs a few vaginal exams and a rectal one. It was quite a shows for all in the office. "Ok dearie all done" Nurse Hopkins says.

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