Think of a way to continue with your vore (Warning CV)

From Create Your Own Story

As he thrust harder and harder into your throat, you decide you want him in your balls. You hit him in the stomach while he is pulling out, and he makes the mistake of bending over so his face is right in front of your cock. You quickly take advantage and force his head into your dick. He squirms and screams as you push him deeper and deeper. He thrashes and bucks, practically trying to hit ever nerve in your dick. You lean back and let gravity and your own body swallow him up as you get overwhelmed by pleasure. You hump and writhe on the floor as he is sucked in more and more. Every muscle tenses as you feel his erection get swallowed up by your own. The pleasure is too much and you jack yourself helplessly as you try to get off. You groan and nearly scream as you desperately try to hurry the process of absorption along so you can cum. His legs are now the only things sticking out and you moan as he kicks weakly while simultaneously humping against the walls of your dick. He soon curls up in your balls and you both begin to feel the inevitable orgasm approach. You can feel it approaching and you jack yourself furiously. Though it takes only a few seconds, you feel like it is an eternity before your lust boils over and you cum. You let out a scream as you body arcs and your nerves are electrified. You continue to scream and writhe on the floor as you keep cumming for an eternity. All too soon you begin to feel it taper off and you buck your hips weakly as you try to overcome your orgasm. Finally, you are able to look up and see that someone else has walked in on you. Who is it?

A comically surprised looking teacher

A curious student

The principle

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