The twins (oh and the other family) arrive

From Create Your Own Story

After a while of flipping through your phone you hear your mom call you from downstairs.

"Michael! Becky!"

You poke your head outside your room and down the hallway towards Becky's room, and see her doing the same. You shrug at Becky and begin walking downstairs. You find your mom in the kitchen, briskly doing some last-minute clean-up.

"Took you long enough. Peyton's here, go help her with their bags, would you?"

As you respond, you try to add some sarcasm to hide your excitement.

"Oh, gladly."

You go out front, grabbing a coat along the way. You run into Aunt Peyton on your way out the door, and as you do so, your chest squishes her enormous tits. Peyton's face goes red instantly.

"Ooh! Hey Mike. Nice to see you."

"It's good to see you too," you reply, and quickly pass by her. You don't know if what just happened was the most awkward thing ever, or the hottest thing ever. Peyton's boobs are so big, and she definitely gave a little moan when you two ran into each other. Either way, you have a job to do; you get to the back of Peyton's car and see the twins already unloading.

"Hiiii Miiiike," they say in unison.

"How's it going, you two?"

Madelyn says, "better now that you're here."

Mary has a funny look come across her face, "what the fuck? Are you flirting with him?"

Madelyn blushes, "uhhhh no, course not, I meant, like he can help us with the bags..."

"Yup, that's what I've been commissioned to do."

Mary hands you two large identical bags.

"These must be you two's."

Madelyn speaks up, "Nice observation, ya idiot."

"I guess I'll take these up to my room."

Mary and Madelyn look at each other. "We're staying in your room?!" they say in unison. Madelyn turns away with a smile on her face. Mary turns towards you.

"Well, I certainly don't look forward to hearing you jerk off at night."

"Funny," you say. "I'll see y'all inside."

Later, after dinner

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