The old black man who lives across the street from you(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

After turning around you notice an old black man watching you he certainly looks familiar it takes you a few seconds to remember it's Mr Jackson who lives on the other side of the street from you he's a mean spirited man who doesn't get on with any of his neighbours.

He starts walking away from you he's heading home and he seems to be in a rush you quickly run after him hoping he hasn't overheard the conversation you've just had.

"Hi Mr Jackson may I carry your shopping for you?"

"Sure." He says handing you his bag of groceries. "You're the boy from across the street aren't you?"

"Yes sir. Steven Cross."

You carry on walking and talking with him all the way home and he's not given you any indication he overheard you, finally you reach his house and as he unlocks the door he asks.

"How old are you now Steven."

"Eighteen sir."

"And already a black cock slut." You look at him in shock. "Do you want to continue this conversation inside or here on the doorstep you never know who might overhear this time."

Do you:

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