The Zoo/Your body is now covered in gray fur, like that of a wolf.

From Create Your Own Story

You look in horror at yourself. Gray fur, paws, tail -- yep, you're definitely a gray wolf. You stand around six feet tall, with a well-defined chest and back, muscular arms, and thick legs. You touch the top of your head and notice two pointy ears, and then run your paw along your face. It comes to the end of a snout with sharp whiskers. You open your mouth slightly and feel the sharp canines inside with your tongue. Running your paw down your chest, you feel the soft fur and muscles below.

You feel some swelling down below and notice a red canine cock starting to poke out of a furry, gray sheath, with a hairy ball sack hanging underneath. Embarrassingly enough, your cock becomes rock hard, and you can't think of much else except masturbating right now. When you look around, you see other creatures like you, except they're different animal-humans. You think they're called furries. Yeah, that's it. Furries.

Maybe one of them can help you get off, or you can just do it yourself. Or you can ignore your erection for now and try to talk to someone.

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