The Wasteland - Pro. Guy

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Ah, Australia! What a wonderful country, and what a great looking Bloke you are too.

You live in Melbourne with your family, all the while not knowing of the inevitable destruction the civilised world will face. Anyway, your family consists of your mother, father, Sarah your older sister and David your younger brother. You live in a northern suburban home, which is not too far from the city, but not too far from the country.

Your mother was a country girl, having lived on a horse ranch with her parents, until she met your city born father and settled for Melbourne. Years later they had three wonderful children. You are 18 and quite independent, able to take care of yourself if need be.

One day your mother suddenly tells everyone, "We're visiting my folks in the country for a week. If you can get your bags packed, we can head there tomorrow."

What is your response?

Health 100 Equipment:


Weapon None
Ammo None
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