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DirtyMeStoryTime's review of The End of the World:
The end of the world is a pretty decent story. But be warned, it is full of gore, rape, and sometimes both. It is more of a horror than a sex story, so I guess only read if you are into a horror scenario with some sex included, many scenes close to endings.

Warning: reading multiple times in a single setting will get very repetitious. The author repeats many of the same words for endings, as well as for sex scenes. There are a couple of inconsistencies, but only a couple, so unless your first read takes you on the exact wrong path, it should not detract. And, I found one path where the author put in another scene's text into, but the path is a bit harder to get to.

Readers should also be aware that endings can come very quickly into the story.

The story will allow you to be either the hero, or the villain, although choosing a more villainous route will end with a judgmental text, and never has a good ending. But the options are there for those who would rather be a bad guy than a good guy.

It contains many sex scenes, but the story is not primarily focused on sex. The rape scenes have a few descriptions, but are not overly graphic. The gore scenes also have a few descriptions, but are not overly graphic. All in all, I feel the author did a good job of creating a balanced story that can keep the readers attention.

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