The Johnson Family/Minnie/Go to big brother's room

From Create Your Own Story

Pushing through the door, Minnie steps into Michael's room, knowing he'd probably have something fun, hidden away somewhere. Searching through the room, she turns up nothing, apart from some magazines, containing strange pictures of girls without their clothes on. In the dark, she can't make out exactly what they are doing, apart from some weird poses.

She isn't sure why Michael would have this magazine, but some of the poses look cool. Trying one, she goes down onto her hands and knees, lowering her torso down to the ground, so that her bottom was sticking into the air. The magazine said this was like a doggie; but Minnie isn't convinced.

Flicking on, she looks for more poses to try, only to stop at an even stranger picture. This one has a boy without his clothes. He had one of those things boy's have; but his was massive. She never seen one like his before. Looking at it gives her butterflies, in her tummy, as she feels the urge to play with it. Closing her legs, as the feeling moves down her body, she starts wanting to put it in her special place.

Turning round, she looks at her brother sleeping. Does he have one like that? Maybe she could play with it. The picture catches her eye again. What if there's more like that in the magazine?


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