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Welcome to the fantastical world of Veredin! Consider this page to be a sort of "Main Menu" to the story, in which you may choose different adventures, read on updates and read the side lore.

If you feel as if something needs to be changed, please ask me before you do so.

All the adventures take place in and around of the planet Veredin, thus playing the adventures and reading backround lore will give a better look at what is going on around you.

Fixing everything

Updates & Notes

Started Officer Coster's story.

(Note that most of the stories are baseon on DOTA 2 hero lore

Side Lore

Extra reading on topics for pure enjoyment (and insight on the adventures).

Brief history on Veredin

Bestiary of Veredin


The Federation

The Syndacate

The Corrupt


The Federation

-Officer Coster (Officer of the 26th Platoon of the Stafantif Holy Army, Human)

The Syndacate

-Ertil'jun (Plague Priest of Southern Rumusque, Undead)

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