Tell Troi to get on all fours on the bed

From Create Your Own Story

Troi slips out from under the blanket and readily complies, wiggling her pert rump coyly. Seeing Deanna on all fours like that has your blood boiling! Who needs to be naked to screw? Without another thought you kneel behind her. You struggle to get your fly open, and then whip out your johnson.

"Yes," pants Troi, "take me like an animal!"

You don't need any more coaxing than that! Her hand reaches back to guide you and you mount the lovely Counselor doggy-style. Your hips slam against her behind and her body lurches forward with each thrust. You dig your fingers into her soft skin and climax, pumping your cum into her. Your sweat glues your uniform to your back.

Do you:

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