Take care of his morning wood

From Create Your Own Story

You decide not to worry about it too much and you notice his impressive bulge. You smirk to yourself and go under the covers to take care of his morning wood. As the salty taste reaches your mouth, you hear a groan come from the man and you freeze. Slowly you begin sucking again after you're sure he is still asleep. You smile to yourself as you pleasure this random man in his sleep. Soon, the pre begins to trickle down the back of your throat and the man's cock reaches full length. Suddenly the back of your head is grabbed and pulled all the way down his dick. You push against him and struggle as he pumps you up and down on his shaft, but you can't free yourself. You bite down on his dick but it feels like steel in your mouth. He must have prepared for this somehow, and you scream as you choke.

"Calm down bitch. Just relax".

Your eyes widen as you feel your own orgasm approaching. You gasp and squirm on his cock as you cum in your bed. As you squirm in your own jizz, you are pulled into the man's crotch one final time. He cums down your throat and, as you begin to see little black dots, you're sure this is the end. Right before you pass out, however, he pulls out and you gasp for air.

"WHAT THE FUCK", you yell after you catch your breath and fight your way out from under the sheets.

"Relax" he says calmly, "I didn't do anything".

"You could've killed me!"

"But I didn't, that is what is important."

"Who the hell are you?!"

Suddenly one of your servants walks in.

"I heard shouting, are you okay?"

What do you say?

"Yes I'm fine"

"No I'm not fucking okay. Get this guy out of here"

You realize how cute this servant is

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