TLOAMP Ruairi's Guards

From Create Your Own Story

Personal Stats

Physical description : Clad in armor from tip to toe, they give off the image of steel golems.

General personality : Obedient to people they were told to obey. They recognize a hierarchy among their masters and have standing orders they won't break unless Ruairi orders them to. They never speak.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: Greatsword, Combat power : 45. (Well-protected by their thick armor, they relentlessly attack with their huge swords.)

Abilities :

Strength : Very High. (Their blows break trough most soldiers' guard with ease and can even shatter a shield.)

Speed : High. (Surprisingly fast considering their thick armor.)

Endurance : Unmatched. (It's almost impossible to damage them trough their thick armor.)

Willpower : None. (They seem to act like automatons upon command.)

Magical Ability : None. (They have a suspicious magical aura about them, probably an enchantment Ruairi cast on them. They don't seem to have any magical ability themselves.)

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