Super: Shadow Cat: Find an empty building to spend the night

From Create Your Own Story

You walked around places to places and arrived at a neighborhood and found and empty building. Bearing a no entry sign, you phased though and manage to get inside. Unknown to you that someone is watching you enter.

With the building completely empty, you sat down and rest on the floor. Closing your eyes as you are prepared to sleep, but suddenly you heard something. "Who's there" as you called out to whoever it is as you get up and approach, while being prepared to whatever is coming your way, until you see a kitty cat walking by. "Oh, it's just a cat" You said to yourself as you approach. "Hey there kitty, would you like to be friends?". As you are about to pet her, the cat turned to you and speaks. "How would you like to be my plaything instead". You were shocked to see the cat talking, until it disappeared into thin air as a mysterious figure appeared behind you and knock you out unconscious.

Still feeling the pain on your head from your injuries, you open your eyes and woke up to find yourself wearing a strange looking neck-brace and being restraint on the table. You looked around and see three female mutants also in the room, but on the other side of the table is one person you did not expect to see. Mystique. "You?". "Good evening Ms. Pryde, or would Katherine better suit you?". Mystique is seen drinking her tea as you struggle to break free. "What is happening? What's going on!?", you yelled. Mystique then says "Relax, Ms. Pryde. You can't use your powers to phase yourself out. The neck-brace you are wearing now is a mutant dampener brace. Made from our friends in the MRD". "What?". "Now just relax my dear. Perhaps the two of us could have a little chat". You stood firm and looked Mystique straight in the eye. " I'm not afraid of you. I won't side with Magneto". Mystique then briefly laugh at you. "Hehehe. My dear. I mm no longer with Magneto or his Brotherhood. I'm independent now, and I've formed myself a little club of mine. You became surprised to hear that Mystique is no longer with Magneto, which has left you puzzled. "What? You'e not with the Brotherhood?" "No I'm not. Now please relax. We haven't had much company for a while, and I would like that we have a nice chat before you leave. I've even have tea for you. You can choose to drink it or not if you would like"

You felt deeply puzzled by what Mystique is planning to do with you. Knowing she could have killed you or something, but she chose not to. You then looked at your side of the table and see the cup of tea being placed there in front of you.

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