Super: Batman: Say hi to the pair dressed as Wonder Woman and Supergirl

From Create Your Own Story

You might be Bruce Wayne, but you're also the Goddammned Batman, which means you have a healthy weakness for any girl dressed as a superhero. According to Dick, your ward, also your actual dick, you have a weakness for supervillainesses as well. You decide the best course of action would be to chat up the two dressed as your super-colleagues because that is perfectly healthy and normal.

As you approach, a fake smile sets in on your face automatically, and you look forward to what is surely going to be a dull conversation with two half-brained socialites about the contents of your wallet. As you approach, the pair in front of you cease their conversation. The Wonder Woman lookalike gives you a friendly smile. The Supergirl lookalike looks at you with wide eyes and gives a look to Wonder Woman for confirmation, which is soon given. Something seems a bit off, almost if the pair is expecting you. Before you have a chance to speak, Supergirl thrusts her hand towards you.

Taken aback for a moment, you hesitate before planting a tender kiss on the girl's hand as a way of greeting, then offer her your best smile. Supergirl turns roughly the shade of a tomato and Wonder Woman laughs loudly.

"Now Bruce, I'm not sure Clark appreciate you flirting with his cousin," Wonder Woman states in a teasing tone. "Although she certainly seems to be enjoying it." At Diana's proclamation, Kara blushes a deeper red and her face is now roughly the same color as her skirt.

"Diana?" you ask, confused how you didn't notice that they're the real Wonder Woman and Supergirl from the start. "Kara?" Your face must be showing your confusion, as Diane continues to laugh and Kara hides her own giggle behind a hand, evidently afraid to mock the Dark Knight to his face. "What are you two doing here?"

Diane frowns then, though it is more of a pout. "Diplomatic work for Themyscira. You would be surprised how many ambassadors come to Gotham on a regular basis, especially when you consider that this city is threatened on a daily basis." Diane then turns to Kara. "She just wanted to see if she could guess Batman's secret identity. I have to admit I didn't believe she would get it, but the girl's full of surprises."

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