Super: Batman: Ask Supergirl is she want's to go patrolling

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As Bruce watches Wonder Woman leave, he makes a realization. There was nothing really keeping him at this party, it was good for Bruce Wayne to make an appearance every now and then, but if he left now, and with a hot blonde like Kara on his arm, not a person in the world would look twice. Smiling to himself, Bruce wraps an arm around Kara, startling the young Kryptonian. With a wicked smile on his face, bruce began nuzzling into kara's neck and felt her stiffen uncomfortable almost immediately. Whispering softly he speak, "Do you want to go patrolling?"

She immediately relaxes in his arms, and you can almost feel the smile on her face, and when she spins towards him so she can look him in the eyes, Bruce sees it too. "Of course, but I thought you said you couldn't leave yet," She questioned.

"I can't, I have a reputation to uphold, but I can if I have the right company in my arms," Bruce replied. Looking up, Bruce saw kara smirk deviously, without a word, she practically fell into his arms. Wrapping around his right arm, she pushed herself against him, while he led them to the door. Bruce felt her breasts flatten against him as she held on tightly, she looked at him and her blue eyes sparkled as she allowed her hands to roam his upper body. Tracing his chest with her hand she made a show of tracing his muscles.

Not to be outdone, he brought her closer still and allowed his own hands to drift down her back falling on her hips. He found kara staring at him with innocent eyes, daring him to continue. Deciding on drifting lower, he cupped her ass in both of his hands. The costume she wore was more a swimsuit then anything else and barely covered her ass as was. it took little effort for him to slip a hand under the fabric and squeeze. She let out a gasp which might have been pleasure, but could have just as easily have been surprise. Throughout everything, she never stopped roaming his chest, but now her hands drifted lower until they stopped on his belt. She looked around the room, there were more than a few people staring at them. kara gave a smile, a guilty shrug, then grabbed his hand and began leading him towards the elevator.

Commissioner Gordon just rolled his eyes as they passed him, however, Gordan's daughter Barabra looked at the two of them with shock, but stopped when Kara gave her a wink.

They made it the elevator, and as the doors closed behind them, Kara turned to him.

he found Kara staring at him with innocent eyes, daring him to continue.

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