Super:Harley Quinn:You use Dr Hugo Strange's technique

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Knowing not to fall into his trap you don't engage and instead shift the conversation to regain control "We are not here to talk about me. We are here for you. But I tell you what how about we play a game as an icebreaker?" You ask ready to put the special training Hugo has given you into practice.

The Joker giggles and it turns into his boisterous laugh "oh ha ha ha I do so love a good game" he says bouncing around "how do we play"

"Well first close your eyes" you say and the Joker shut she his eyes "good now lie back on the couch and place your arms above your head" he does so. You have him now. Under the couch are restraints you quickly slap the cuffs on his wrists before he can react you get the cuffs on his ankles under his pants. He is now restrained.

He chuckles "oh ho hi this is and interesting game" he says. He doesn't know the half of it. In your jacket pocket you have a pair of clothing shears. They are designed to cut clothing quickly off the body without cutting the person wearing them. You waive them in front of the Joker's face, he seems nervous still laughing but it's lost a little bit of that spark "what are you going to do with that?"

"This" you say, you slide the shears in the collar of his shit and cut down opening it up. You then cut the sleeves and pull the now useless shirt from his body and toss it aside his chest is that same chalky white as his face, so it's not makeup. His chest has some defintiation but youthful looking and hairless. You run a hand over it and lean down and say right up in his face "we are going to do a special type of therapy on you" you say. You slide the shears into one pant leg and you cut up through the waist band. You reposition and cut back down into the waistband going through the other pant leg. You yank the sliced up pants away. The Joker now only in his underwear, a pair of briefs. His legs also hairless. He begins to struggle. You grab his genitals through his briefs and squeeze hard " now now you need to behave. Lets see I wonder are you hairless over most of your body. Do you have any hair down there?" You begin to tease his genitals with the shears over his briefs.

The Joker struggles not being able to cope with the humiliation being forced upon him. "Please don't" he begs "I'll behave just please don't"

You slide the sears into one of the legs of the briefs up to the waistband "now now. We can't stop now, this is crucial" with that you snip down the cut the other side Pulling his underwear off. The Joker is now naked. His genitals are smooth and hairless, time for some sph. "Oh what have we here" you say with your bubbly voice but with a cruel tone. You grip his man hood. He's not very big, while he's not erect it's small an so shrivellay. "Oh its like a small boys" you tease. The Joker is obviously embarrassed and struggles. But to no avail. "Oh it's cute" you say, you flick his penis around and play with forcing an erection "oh what do we have here does your little pee pee have a boner" you taunt him. Erect his penis is only 4 maybe 5" "not very big though I thought you'd have a much bigger cock. But you just have a tiny penis. It's a little pee pee." You mock him as he struggles tears starting to stream from his eyes.

"Please no more" the Joker whines.

You undress. You stand naked before the Joker. Unlike the Joker you have a thick bush groomed into a strip. "See unlike you I'm proud of my body and I have pubic hair I'm a woman. Your a boy" you scoff as You display your naked body proudly. You climb onto The Joker and position yourself up to his face. You lower yourself smooshing your pussy into his face. He remains still. " now now Mr J" you say using his suggestion to mock him "start licking or I won't get up abs I'll sufficate you" he still doesn't comply. You place enough weight to cut off hi air supply he struggles. You start to feel a flick of his tongue. "Good boy you're learning" you lift up so he can get air but stay down to get more. Your pussy gets wet you rub its all over his face. You slide up getting off of him "now it's your turn to get some attention " you say as you stick a few finger in your pussy to Get them wet the Joker begins to smile but this fades when you slide those fingers in his anus. He yelps in a mix of pain and humiliation. You put on a strapon and postion it at the opening of his anus. He whines and pleads. You thrust hard your dildo sliding up his ass. You proceed to fuck him and strokes his dick, as you give insults and humiliation at the Joker. "Ah what a pretty body you have. You are so good for fucking. You are built to be a bitch. My bitch your so good at taking cock in your ass." And much more. You stroke him until he cums, you push it up as he cums his semen spurts all over his chest and face. There is quite a lot, a product of stimulating his prostrate "oh you may have a small pee pee you do have a Lot of cum" you swipe some off his chest and push it past his lips an a into his mouth forcing him to ear his own cum "is that yummy? Do you like eating cum?" You taint as you continue to fuck hai ass and feed him his own cum. He sob as his now soft penis flops uselessly around as you rail his ass hard until he cums again. He cries and whines, babbling incoherently.

We'll phase one is complete. What next ?:

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