Super:Harley Quinn:You Parade the Joker naked back to his cell

From Create Your Own Story

The Joker is sobbing. He's been humiliated. He starts to get angry " you bitch you can't do this to me! I'm the Jok...rmph "You jam a ball gag in his mouth and strap it tight.

You laugh at him "Joker? I'd say your just a Joke. How's that for your name The Joke" you taunt him. You take out a tube of lipstick an a draw nasty things all over his body. On his forehead you write the Joke, And you write dirtier nasty things on his body like slut boi, sissy, micro penis. You call the guard in, they've been instructed to do as you order and not question anything you do. You instruct the guard to cuff the Joker's hands behind his back. You take out a cuff attached to a chain at the end a handle. You grip his cock playing with it roughly, he squirms but can't help getting hard you slap the cuff around his balls and squeeze. The ratcheting sound clanks loudly as you secure it tightly around his genitals, securing them so when you tug on the chain it pulls on his genitals. "Ok lets take. A walk back to your cell" you laugh. The Joker tries to stand his ground not wanting to leave the room naked with all the nasty things an a his own cum all over his body. You tug hard enough that he beings to move not being able to resist the pain the tugging is causing. You lead the Joker tugging at the leash a few times to make him help rough the ball gag. As you bring into the high security wing, were all the super villains Batman apprehend sends up. Currently Posion Ivy, The Ridler and The Penguin are in residence. They all start to cheer an a taunt the Joker seeing him in the state he is in. The cells have a bullet, and fracture proof, plexiglass normally there would be blankets and other small effects change of clothes but you've had the gaurds empty it out. There's nothing the Joker can use to covered himself and as the cells are like a window the others will get a great veiw of him. You get him into his cell and removed the cuff from his genitals. You instruct the guards to secure the Joker to the wall before hand you have him swallow a pill. Once he's secured you get close to him, the ball gag still secure in his mouth "that pill you just took was viagra" you smile cruelly at him "and you're unable to move your hands poor thing" you scoff "Things are going to get quite hard for you." You laugh as you leave the cell. You see Posion Ivy laughing at this scene, the once terrifying Joker now chanined naked to the wall. She starts to masturbate, the guards ask if you want them to stop her. You reply, no, to let her have her fun. "Goodnight everyone" you say with a waive and you leave.

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