Super:Harley Quinn:Psychiatrist at Arkham

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You are Dr Harleen Quinzel. You've obtained your medical doctorate in psychiatry at Gotham University. You we were also very active in the gymnastics program as you felt it was a good way to keep in shape and your enjoyed it. You were close to qualifying for the Olympic team but decided to focus on your studies instead. You preformed your qualifying stage of your medical degree at black gate under Dr Hugo Strange doing phsych profiles on inmates to gage their mental state. Having completed your internship and with Dr Strange's recommendation, who also accepted a position there as Arkham's head of Physchiatry, you received your dream posting at Arkham Asylum.

You have always been fascinated by the so called super-villains of Gotham. Truely they are mentally warped minds, you figure you'll be able to make a name for yourself writing a book on your experiences with these troubled minds. The Joker, in particular, has caught your mind, such a warped and twisted individual. Incapable of any sort of remorse for his actions. Oh to get inside his head what an opportunity that would be.

It's your first day. Arkham. You are wearing a black skirt that goes down below your knees, a button up blouse stallings, sensible shoes and your doctors white lab coat. You walk into Dr Strange's office and greet your superior and mentor "good morning Dr Strange" you say in a sweet and cheery voice.

"Ah Harley please come In sit down" he motions you to a chair in front of his desk. "And please while in private call me Hugo" he says with a familiar yet still stern tone.

You sit down and smooth out your skirt "Thank Dr Strange but I feel while at work even in private we should keep a sense of professionalism if you wouldn't mind I would prefer to be called Dr Quinzel I feel I have earned it" you say still in your sweet bubbly voice but with a tone that lets Hugo know you mean it. You never liked being called Harley.

"Ah my apologies Dr Quinzel" Hugo says "I meant no impropriety I only meant to make you feel welcome and at ease" he says smiling back at you. "Now this won't be like at black gate. These aren't nobody thugs that are feigning a mental illness to get out of prison. These are truly disturbed individuals. I don't need to tell you the dangers of this job. Society has judged them as villains but they are merely unfortunate souls that are afflicted with a mental disorder or disorders in many cases. Our job is to try to heal them" he says with a smile. You were always awe struck how Dr Hugo Strange could be so friendly yet intimidating at the same time.

"I'm aware of the job Dr Strange and I feel I'm up to the task" you say trying to purport yourself as the professional you hope you are.

"Yes you are one of my brightest students" he said smiling "I see you've requested to analyze our famous John Doe known to the public as the Joker" Hugo says opening a file on his desk.

"That is correct, I've been reading his case file and I'm eager to analyze him. The depths of his mind to do what he did and not only have no regret or sadness but be gleeful about it truly he is a gold mind for mental analys." You say very eager and giddy.

"Careful Dr Quinzel I know the allure of making a name for oneself but let's not forget we are here to help these poor souls. And the Joker is not of the feint of heart. It may be better to start you out with someone a little easier. Ease yourself in as it were" Hugo says in a sternly father sort of way.

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