Super:Harley Quinn:Begin the Joker's training as a Sissy Slave

From Create Your Own Story

You return in the morning. Ivy's still eyeing the Joker, she seems to be really enjoying it. The Ridler and Penguin even seem to be looking. The Joker still chained to the wall, his penis still hard his balls swollen from the back up of not being released. Precum dribbling out of cock. You walk in "well good morning Joke" you run a finger from his chest down to his abdomen. Then you tease your finger along his penis he twitches and cries through the gag. "Oh poor baby do you need some release" you say your bubbly tone seeming more cruel. He screams through his gag and nods his head. "Oh I bet you want to stick this little pee pee in a pussy" you tease his tiny erection. He nods his head. You slap it hard "no, bad Joke, you don't get to fuck you get fucked" you have the guards bring in a restraint that when placed in it forces the person into the doggy position. You have them take the Joker off the wall and lock him in it. You leave the cell and open up Ivy's cell. "What do you say red, want to help me show this little sissy his proper place"

Ivy smile at you "why sure Dr Quinzel" due to Ivy's physical nature her body is green like a plant, she has fire red hair. She only wears a red shirt which she drops to the ground. Naked, she follows you back to the Joker's cell. She doesn't need much prompting. She slaps Joker's ass hard, it makes a loud cracking noise. You hand her a tub of lube and a dildo and she proceeds to fuck the Joker's ass. It's quite amusing seeing the Joker struggle while he gets fucked in the ass by Posion Ivy. After 20 minutes the Joker squirms more until semen starts to spurt then flow out of his pathetic penis. For good measure after he came Ivy thrusted for a few more minutes while the Joker screamed through his gag.

Done you lean down to the Joker an a whisper "I'm going to take your gag off, now no noise or you'll need to be punished" you remove the gag, aside from sobbing and muttering the Joker doesn't say anything. You unlock him from the restraint he rolls onto the ground in a fetus position. "Clean your mess up" you and Ivy laugh as the Joker licks all the cum up. "Huh something's missing oh I know you need a drink" you nudge Ivy and the both of you proceed to pee all over him. You escort Ivy back to her cell she gives you a kiss, it tingles, she'll be fun to play with.

You decide seeing as the Joker has a petite frame and no body hair it'd be fun to turn him into a tranny. You have all his food laced with with female hormones. Knowing it may take some time for those to kick in you have Ivy help you train the Joker to be submissive and take it in the ass.

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